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All Photos are very conceptual. Post processing, works, designing, text effects, site design all are very much creative....really inspiring
Somnath Hati
Nice Man, Nice Photography. I like your photos...
Anindita Bose
Mrittika ---- Dippratim Aakhono tomai chuye dekhao hoini Makha hoini gondo sara gaye Somoyer sathe judho choleche roj Bariyechi hat sikoler badha paye Aakhono tomar bhorer dhorja khola Sara rat jure anagona bohubar Babodhan tuku kome ase jotokhon Chire gele mon gola chere chitkar Aakhono tumi kagojer kheya niye Pari dite paro sarorer srote nil Bedhe rekhe dio acholer badha gite Uraner pran khuje fera gangchil Aakhono tomake bola hoinito thote Bhijiye rekhecho usnota makha sit Pithe hath diye deke nio dekha hole Mukho mukhi chokhe katakuti har jit
Dippratim Dan
Nice man, nice photography, have a nice life. Good Luck BOSS.
Saikat Chatterjee
Subrata Pal is a very good good photographer coz he presents various type of photographic images and tumi tomar chokh diye different artistic chinta koro ja amader mughdho koreche. Carry on, amader sobar valobasa tomar songe ache aar amra tomar pashe achi.
Rosmita Chowdhury
The photographs taken by you are really very nice..... Just keep it up in your own way...& the best part of your photography is your nice editing...which are very attractive... Love your images...:-):):)
Kaushani Dey
“You don’t take a photograph, you make it… Yes he is “Subrata” my childhood friend my brother my family… Lots of wonderful things happen around us all the time; being able to see is easy, but being able to capture that very moment is probably the hardest part. A good photo comprises of many things, not only you must hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition and color coordination plays a big role too. Being a good photographer is not easy… Mr. Subrata Pal, an Artist, a Photographer, an Entrepreneur… Hats off to u! You were simply superb! Congrats!
Rajarshi Bhandari
It's really beautiful your concept of photography..... every photo very conceptually very traditional ..... keep it up.
Sreemoyee Sanyal
What I like about your photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever...keep it up...
Abira Banerjee
Lovely and enrapturing site. I can't take my eyes off. How did you take such photos? Which camera do you use basically? I need your favour and suggestion so far as your photography is concerned.
Mousumi Paul
Absolutely graceful. The way you have arranged and categorized your site proves your subtlety and authenticity.
Akriti Bhattacharya
No word is suitable for your excellence in photography. whatever I'll say that will not suffice. Anyways keep it up.
Puneet Bhatia
Utterly stupendous. Everything is spell-binding. You have to go for a long distance to achieve your goal which is already formed by you.
Tridip Roy Chaudhury
Brilliant creation. You have done something outstanding. Hats off to you.
Payel Sinha
Just carry on with whatever you have. Never give up. Keep on capturing photos and make us feel the photographic intellect of yours.
Kirti Agarwal
Your site is worth visiting. If we get such innovative sites then I'm 200 percent sure that one day you'll be famous over world.
Neelam Jhala
I am speechless; how brilliantly you've made your website. It's nice to see your penchant in numerous things and especially your photographic brilliance is superb.
Rohit Chopra
I hope you will reach the toppest point of your aim and artistic capability... My best wishes and pray will always be with you... Paris, ba na paris tor chestai jeno ekta Itihaas toiri kore.
Sumanta Mondal
A magnificient site I have seen so far, brilliant photography who has an aesthetic beauty within the works. The design of the site also goes beyond description and hope 2 see more & more beautiful pics in near future.....keep it up my dear friend....!!!
Purni Basu
wooooow, Great Job............... Fantastic Website.